3 Steps to Selling Your Home

As Certified Pricing Specialists, Jeffrey and Carol bring education and experience to selling.   Having sold more than 100 homes last year, we have a proven process  and a creative approach towards  selling.  We monitor and assess the market daily, defining the reality of today’s market for you.

Why?  Because the real estate market can shift quickly.  With our goal of selling your home in 90 days or less, we must be a position to maximize your placement in the market of today.  Knowing the marketplace is critical to properly positioning your home.

Briefly, there are 3 keys to maximize placing your home on the market – the 3-Ps we call them:

  1. Proper Pricing – meet the market of today
  2. Prior Preparation – nothing in the way from an offer being made
  3. Premium Promotion  — photos, websites, personalized communications


Because the internet has become the first showing, we must take the time up front to properly price, prepare and promote the home – saving you time on the market and lost opportunity.  We will detail this strategy when meet with you for our full presentation.  It is our duty to educate and consult you, which we like to do face to face.

No two properties are the same.  Being creative and customizing our marketing plan for your home is important.  As such, we offer a free staging assessment if needed.  We encourage a pre-inspection if the home is more than 5 years old.  We strongly recommend purchasing a home warranty that will cover you during the marketing period.

We are proactive , personal, and professional.  It’s all about you – meeting your goals

“Having closed on the house so quickly…everyone has been asking me who my realtor was!!  I’m sure you and Jeffrey will have continued success…your efforts in establishing the proper market price and timing of launch with the house being ready for showing is evident!