Selling Your Home?

In short, here is what we do for you:

We focus on consulting with you to make certain that the property is in the best possible condition, and that it is priced competitively so that when we hit the market we have the most momentum possible.

We take on average of 100 photos per listing, then choose the best ones for MLS,, and the host of other sites that we are linked to as specified in our presentation.

We develop a property specific website for each property. Please visit to see what one of our sites does and how it looks.

We advertise on our electronic billboards that move to different, key locations each week throughout the city.

We schedule our office tour within 3 weeks of listing so that we get many agents through the property in a short time period.

We email flyers to our entire database, including all of the agents in MLS so that they not only know about the property, but they have photos and a link to the listing itself.  We are very proactive about contacting agents that have standing searches in the MLS database so that they are aware of the new listing, and we encourage them to visit the property with their client.

We are prompt in requesting showing feedback from agents that have shown the property so that we hear what the perception of the public is.  If something needs to be changed or modified, we want to be proactive in doing so.  The worst thing that can happen to a property is for it to languish on the market.

Once a contract is negotiated, our contract to close specialist, Erin Newsome, steps in and does what he does best.  He coordinates all of the details so that we close on time.

Our team  empowers each of us to work in our area of strength, providing you with the best service possible.