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Welcome to Baton Rouge!

We are delighted that you are planning to make Baton Rouge your new home.  It is a pleasure to introduce you to our fair city and its warm, inviting neighborhoods.  We know that we will be able to find you a new home that will enhance your lifestyle and ease your transition to a new city.

A Taste of Baton Rouge

As noted in one of Baton Rouge’s treasured recipe collections, Warm Welcomes, “Most people who have never been to Louisiana picture in their minds the revelry of Mardi Gras parades, LSU football games or endless waterways and bayous.  It is true that the state has bayous aplenty, and parade-going has evolved into an official state pastime.  LSU football is an exciting annual event.  However, driving over the Mississippi River bridge into Baton Rouge for the first time and catching a glimpse of our modern skyline leaves no doubt that this is a sophisticated city that just happens to be blessed with a rich culture centered around a passion for food, family, friends and tradition.

A Louisiana celebration takes place wherever friends and family gather, including the sidewalks or the street.  This can mean anything from a Good Friday fish fry in the driveway to a tailgate party on campus.  Nowhere but in Louisiana is one just as likely to be invited to dine in a friend’s or relative’s carport as in their dining room.  …

Louisianians are known the world over for their easy view of life and reverent view of cooking.  … You will enjoy the joie de vivre, or joy of life, we have inherited from our ancestors.”

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