Local Info – History of Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, a name which reputedly refers to the red stick that once marked the boundary between two Indian tribes, owes more to the French than its usual name, for it was the French who explored, developed and settled the region during its significant early years.

By the middle of the eighteenth century, the Acadian exiles from Nova Scotia began to arrive in the area, joining the other French speaking settlers. After a number of years wandering down the Atlantic Coast, the Acadians were welcomed in Louisiana and soon made their homes along the rivers and bayous of the state. Their culture and influence is still strongly felt in South Louisiana.

Nineteenth century plantation life surrounds this city where all corners of Louisiana come together into one rich, thick gumbo. The Mississippi River built our past and continues to shape our future as it flows past plantations and attractions.

Baton Rouge has it all. So come and explore our unique city! You’ll find you have never seen more beautiful sights or tasted better food than in Baton Rougeā€¦

the Flavor of Louisiana!

Baton Rouge and Louisiana Vocabulary Guide