Local Info – Are You Ready?

Now that you have a taste of the houses in Baton Rouge, the legal rules for real estate in Louisiana, and the amenities you will find in our community, are you ready to hit the road and begin the search for your new home?  We are!

Let us know when you plan to arrive, and if you need assistance with hotel accommodations, etc., we will be more than happy to assist you.  We will block our schedules to take you on an extensive educational tour of Baton Rouge to determine which areas are within your commute preference, your architectural style, and the location that will best suit your lifestyle.  THEN we will tour the homes and find you the perfect one.

It will be exhausting, but we are ready.  One last thing … we want to share with you the history of Café au Lait, which is practically synonymous with Louisiana.  You just may need an extra boost of caffeine before we’re finished touring!

Welcome to Baton Rouge and we are delighted to serve you!